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Douro Valley, Portugal

Our trip preparations and instructions from the team were excellent. We were able to easily follow the hiking instructions and be at ease knowing all of things were waiting for us at the exceptional accommodations at the end. This was a true immersion into country life in Douro and exceeded my expectations.

Teresa V.

Serengeti Safari

We had a wonderful time on our safari. From the pick up at the airport to the ride back we were well taken care of by our guide. The accommodations were excellent and the guides would change the trip to suit your preferences. Our guide was informative, knowledgeable, and an excellent traveling companion. I would recommend this tour to anyone planning a safari trip to the Serengeti.


Kyrgyzstan Adventure

I’ve never been on a group tour before, but I would definitely join one of your tours again. It was a perfect mix of city/town and nature. Our guide was able to answer all our questions whether they were about Kyrgyz culture, soviet history and everything in between. 

Amy M.

Shepherds at Kyang - a Tibetan refugee settlement.

Understanding Uzbekistan

The tour was wonderful. I enjoyed especially the unscheduled walks through local neighborhoods, peering into little shops, visiting the huge but organized markets, the desert yurt stay, the food in the local eateries and all the fun I had with my fellow travellers. I came home revitalised, with a new understanding of Uzbekistan.


Fall in Love with Nepal

My family has just returned from Nepal. The trek leader & team made efforts to see to our every need. Morning wake up call with a cup of piping hot turmeric ginger honey drink was much welcomed in a cold winter morning. Organic coffee was served daily and organic food was served on most meals. We have fallen in love with Nepal 


Conscientious Traveler

I’m excited to pass off travel planning to a conscientious company that will allow my partner and I to explore areas where we don’t readily have connections in a safe and sustainable manner!

Jackie C.

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Thankfully the global demand for sustainable and responsible travel is increasing, and we are delighted that Yūgen Earthside is helping to promote the right kind of travel that benefits the communities and ecosystems of our planet.

Tour Operator

with trips in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Eurasia, South Asia, East Asia


We are very pleased to have found Yūgen Earthside. We are impressed with their commitment to and passion for Sustainable Tourism. They are very thorough about the dimensions involved to promote sustainability in tourism. We are glad to work in partnership with YE.

Tour Operator

with trips in South Asia


I firmly believe that travel should be a safe and rewarding experience for all concerned, including the destinations that you visit and the people you meet. Being part of this sustainable travel platform will be the best way to build a community of sustainable tour operators and a fantastic opportunity to maximize our collective impact on the tourism industry.

Tour Operator

with trips in Europe

I’m excited to connect with a platform that actively promotes sustainable trips. We all believe in taking care of the destinations we visit, and coming together in one place helps operators and our guests make a greater difference. A platform like this is truly needed.

Tour Operator

with trips in Eurasia, the Middle East, & Africa

We spoke to the team at Yūgen Earthside and immediately felt a resonance in our thoughts towards sustainability. With common goals to work for, we are happy to be working together and hope to drive a future of sustainability for travelers from across the globe. Best wishes for the YE team.

Tour Operator

with trips in South Asia

Tour Operator Logo

As a sustainable travel company, one of our goals is to serve all responsible travelers around the world. Being part of a platform like Yūgen Earthside, where we are sharing the same goals regarding sustainability, will enable our company to serve all the responsible travelers out there and achieve our goals.

Tour Operator

with trips in Africa


I’m so excited for Yūgen Earthside to launch, filled with companies all working towards the same mission to make travel sustainable. An incredible vision, bringing together like-minded people to make a collective difference.

Tour Operator with trips in Africa