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Yūgen EarthsideYour one-stop shop for sustainable travel.


Self-guided, private, and small-group experiences from boutique responsible tourism providers.


It should be easier to be a sustainable traveler. We’re here to help. Start here.


We will support tourism-related projects in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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We’ve made 5 gift guides for all types of sustainable travelers, from plastic waste enthusiasts to outdoorsy adventurers.

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Become a zero-waste traveler with our free sustainable packing list. Downloadable & reusable!

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What is sustainable travel?

Sustainable travel is about:

Respecting natural environments & animals, promoting local economies, and supporting societies & cultures at your destinations.

Get the basics with our Sustainable Travel 101 blog post, or dive deeper with our Sustainability Resources.

What makes our trips sustainable?

Our trips are sustainable because:

We curate listings from responsible tour operators (read more).

We focus on small-group experiences in unique destinations that emphasize connection with nature & locals.

When you book with us, we’ll donate to impact projects aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What about air travel?

Air travel isn't sustainable, we know!

We believe people garner enormous value and joy from traveling.

We also recognize that air travel is part of the climate problem.

Our Climate Impact page can help you reduce, remove, or offset your carbon impact.