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  • Your current trip plans, and how to make them as sustainable as possible.

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Yugen Earthside founder & CEO Hilary Matson

Customized Trip ExamplesWe've helped clients with...

turtle in the galapagos islands
An 8-day Galapagos charter cruise for a group of 16 oceanography professors & friends, followed by land-based excursions in Ecuador.
Australia & New Zealand
A 15-day, self-guided road trip through Australia & New Zealand.
nice, france
A 16-day, partially-guided train trip for a couple through Provence and along the Cote d'Azur, France.

Yugen EarthsideYour one-stop shop for sustainable travel.


Yugen Earthside is a sustainable travel booking platform and agency. We feature trips designed by our responsible, local partners around the world and connect mindful travelers to these authentic experiences.

Yugen Earthside is a Social Purpose Corporation, certified net-zero company, and donates at least 1% of gross profit to impact projects.


There are three trip types to choose from:

A carbon capture contribution to Tomorrow’s Air is made for each of our travelers.


  • Have an amazing experience through a local partner with sustainability at the core of their operations.
  • Save time by choosing our expertly crafted itineraries; customize them if you like.
  • Enjoy a personalized approach to finalizing your trip.
  • Receive comprehensive sustainability guidance.
  • Easily add on carbon offsets during check-out.

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If you’re interested in a private, customized trip, tell us what you or your group is looking for and we’ll help make trip planning easy (and responsible)!

Sustainable group travel

Packing List

Become a zero-waste traveler with our free sustainable packing list. Downloadable & reusable!

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