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[6 days] Kerry Camino (Tralee – Dingle) West Coast of Ireland

  • Trip Type: Self-Guided
  • Group Size: Min 1, Max 12
  • Departure Date: Flexible
  • Bookable From: April - mid-October
  • Duration: Excursion (4-6 days)
  • Physical Rating: Average

Embark on a slow-travel walking adventure on this 6-day Kerry Camino route and see rose gardens, gold-sand beaches, and fishing towns along the way.

The Kerry Camino is a 57km (35.5 miles) walking trail from Tralee to Dingle in the wonderful southwest of Ireland. This route forms the first three walking days of the 179km Dingle Way, a circular route of the Dingle Peninsula which starts and finishes in Tralee, the capital of Kerry.

This popular and well-signposted trail offers a variety of landscapes from walking in the foothills of Slieve Mish to the tranquil setting of pastoral farmland, passing through many picturesque villages and the remote golden sands of Inch Beach. This trail is steeped in history with many archeological sites along the way and references to the local Antarctic explorer Tom Crean.


  • Scenic Tralee Town
  • The 35-acre Tralee Town Park with its beautiful rose gardens
  • Stunning views overlooking Tralee Bay from Slieve Mish mountain
  • Golden sands of Inch beach
  • Antarctic explorer Tom Crean’s Irish Pub in Annascaul
  • Charming fishing town of Dingle
  • Dingle boat tour to visit Fungi, the resident dolphin
  • Traditional music sessions in Dingle town
  • Collecting stamps along the way in the pilgrim passport provided

This rural Camino is regarded as a moderate difficulty level ranging from sea level to 250m and is recommended for walkers with mountain walking experience.

As part of this trip, you’ll find featured 1 night in a 4-star Hotel in Tralee and 4 nights in comfortable locally-owned 3 & 4 star B&Bs/guesthouses with breakfasts and luggage transport between accommodation. Around-the-clock emergency assistance is also included which adds confidence to the detailed walking notes that cover landmarks, distances, and things to see over the course of your walk.

Alongside the sense of achievement and numerous chances to taste the local Irish food and experience the traditional Irish culture, this walking trip entitles you to receive the Kerry Camino Certificate in Dingle and a Celtic Camino Compostela from the Camino Society of Ireland.

Link to the Camino de Santiago in Spain
St. James Church in Dingle was the starting point for medieval pilgrims before they set sail from Dingle Port to the ports of A Coruña and Ferrol in northwest Spain where they continued on the English Way to Santiago de Compostela. These Irish pilgrims arrived at A Coruña in English merchant ships after a stopover in Plymouth or Bristol, the trading ports that connected with today’s northwestern Spain. For this reason, this Camino route would be known as the English Way, although it was traveled by people not only from England but also from Ireland and Scandinavian countries.

To recognize this tradition, the Cathedral of Santiago in Spain will grant a Camino de Santiago Compostela to pilgrims who have completed a certified 25km (15.5 miles) in Ireland plus 75km (46.5 miles) of the English Way. This provides a great opportunity to walk part of a Camino in Ireland as well as in Spain.

Seasonal Notes: You can walk the Kerry Camino from April to mid-October. The best months are during the Mid-Season in April, May, June, and September as the weather is mild, ideal for walking and it is less busy than the High Season summer months of July and August. For details about weather including average temperatures, rainfall, sunshine hours, etc. please click on this link: Weather – Ireland.

📋 Itinerary

This itinerary is customizable. Contact Yūgen Earthside for more information.

Day 1: Tralee, County Kerry [Ireland] (arrival day)
Day 2: Tralee – Camp (18km | 11.2 miles)
Day 3: Camp – Annascaul (17km | 10.6 miles)
Day 4: Annascaul – Dingle (22km | 13.7 miles)
Day 5: Dingle - free day
Day 6: Dingle (departure day)

🌱 Sustainability

We pioneer slow travel by focusing on low-carbon impact activities like hiking and cycling.

Our trips take travelers off the beaten path in regions of northern Spain, northern Portugal, and west of Ireland.

↔️ Our hiking trips help with tourism dispersal by taking travelers to less crowded areas and rural communities along several Camino trails, some of them almost 800kms (~500 miles) in length.

We emphasize to guests to respect the flora and fauna along the trails.

We encourage the use of reusable water bottles.

We encourage clients to adhere to the Leave No Trace policy and to keep all trails clean of plastic and any other type of rubbish.

We only offer walking and cycling tours and promote taking public transport when needed.

Travelers stay in quality, locally operated hotels, rural houses, and guesthouses.

We provide recommendations on local/organic restaurants along the trail. Advice is available for vegans/vegetarians.

We commit to respecting all animals on the trail. Hikers will regularly encounter cows, sheep, goats, and horses which they can interact with. However, clients are not encouraged to feed animals to avoid impacting their diet and intake amounts.

Most of the money stays in the local economy, spread throughout numerous villages and towns.

  • Clear sustainable travel policy
  • Social / Environmental Impact
  • Tourism Dispersal
  • Behavioral Awareness Education
  • Small Group Travel
  • Listen to Community Feedback
  • Adhere to Strict Environmental Standards
  • Conserve Ecosystems/Preserve Biodiversity
  • No Animal-Harming Tourism
  • Local/Organic Restaurants
  • Focused on Minimizing Waste
  • Focused on Reusing Materials
  • Provide Local Employment
  • Fair Wages / Fair Trade
  • Ensures Good Working Conditions
  • Supports Local Businesses
  • Tours Benefit Local Community
  • Connect Travelers to Local Products
  • Engage with Local Communities
  • Stay with Local Communities
  • Act Mindfully of Local Health
  • Inclusive & Non-discriminatory Hiring
  • Provide Authentic Experiences

📌 Location

Use the Google map to orient yourself about where in the world this trip is. The location indicates the starting point for this trip.

A specific route map is included in the downloadable detailed itinerary.

🏷️ Pricing

Prices vary based on two factors: a single room or double room occupancy, and between mid-season and high-season.
Prices for this trip are listed in EUR with USD approximations. Payment will be for the amount in EUR.
Prices exclude flights to/from the destination.
See the full list of price inclusions and exclusions in the downloadable detailed itinerary.

Mid Season (April, May, June, September & October)

  • Double room occupancy (excl. flights)

    USD an apprx. of price in EUR: 525 €

    $ 640
  • Single room occupancy (excl. flights)

    USD an apprx. of price in EUR: 700 €

    $ 855

High Season (July, August)

  • Double room occupancy (excl. flights)

    USD an apprx. of price in EUR: 575 €

    $ 695
  • Single room occupancy (excl. flights)

    USD an apprx. of price in EUR: 775 €

    $ 940

ℹ️ Other Info

If you're ready to book this trip, or if you still have some questions, contact us to let us know!

Book with confidence: To reserve your spot on a tour, a 20% deposit will be required. However, you can book with complete peace of mind as this deposit will be 100% refundable until 3 months prior to the trip start date. Alternatively, we offer free postponement of your trip to a later date, subject to availability.

A postponement is defined as “cancellation of accommodation and luggage transfers for your original trip start date and amendment to a new date in the future.”

If you amend your start date, there will be no additional charge provided the new start date is in the same price bracket as the original trip start date i.e. Mid-Season or High Season.

If you change your start date from a Mid-Season start date to a High Season start date, you will be required to pay the difference between the Mid -Season price and High Season price.

If you prefer not to set a new start date at the time of postponement and leave the new start date open, that is possible as long as you provide us 30 days advance notice of your new start date.

If you decide not to proceed with a ‘postponed’ trip and:

  • You have paid the full balance, we will refund any money paid with the exception of the deposit.
  • You have paid the deposit only, no refund is due.

This trip is self-guided and has a variable start date, so you can plan a departure date that suits you between April and mid-October.

Be sure you have traveler's insurance.

Please be fully vaccinated and boosted before traveling. You may also need proof of a negative Covid test before arrival to the country. Keep a mask and hand sanitizer with you at all times.

Special precautions:

Our accommodation providers adhere to the new Covid guidelines published by the Spanish Government for Tourism providers, to keep travelers safe. Measures include:

  • Rigorous cleaning and sanitization of guest rooms.
  • Frequent sanitization of high-contact points, such as door handles, TV remote controls, reception counters, and rooms, especially bathrooms.
  • Provision of hand sanitation.
  • Subject to availability: Infrared thermometers, face masks, and gloves for our guests.
  • The spacing of guests in the breakfast and common rooms in accordance with WHO and HSE guidelines.

Q: What does the Physical Rating of "Average" mean? How hard is the Kerry Camino?
A: The Camino involves both physical and mental effort but anyone with prior preparation and determination can do it! If you are not doing any exercise at the moment, we recommend walking 3 - 4 times a week or doing some other form of regular exercise before your Camino. Six weeks of pre-training is ideal.

Walk in the shoes you will be using on the Camino, on a mix of surfaces to properly prepare yourself (tarmac and trail), and on both flat and hills/mountains. Don’t forget to stretch before and after training; this will help minimize cramps and muscle pain.

Q: Is it well signposted?
A: The Kerry Camino is very well signposted. In addition, we provide route maps and detailed walking notes to ensure you find your way. The route is marked with a combination of yellow arrows and ‘Kerry Camino’ signage leading you to Dingle.

Q: What accommodation is provided?
1 night in a 4-star Hotel in Tralee and 4 nights in comfortable locally-owned 3 & 4 star B&Bs/Guesthouses.

Q: What about the weather?
A: For details about weather including average temperatures, rainfall, sunshine hours, etc please click on this link: Weather - Ireland.

Q: Is this trip safe for solo/female/LGBT+/minority/POC travelers?
A: Yes, this trip is safe for female, LGBT+, minority, and POC travelers. Further detailed advice for solo female travelers is provided in our Camino Information Pack.

Q: What airport do you fly into for this trip?
A: Kerry airport (best option), Shannon airport, Cork airport, or Dublin airport.

Duration: 6 days (3 walking days)
Meals: 5 breakfasts
Accommodation: 4-star hotels, 3 & 4-star B&Bs/guesthouses

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