Climate Impact

Travel & tourism drive nearly 10% of global carbon emissions

Air transportation is a major contributor to tourism-related carbon emissions.


Yūgen Earthside wants to help travelers not only discover sustainable trips, but also think about how to minimize, offset, or remove their climate impact when traveling. There is a lot to consider, such as:

  • Who you give your money to and whether your donation is tax deductible
  • What type of program you contribute to (offsets, credits, or removals)
  • Where you choose to go on your trip (shorter distances = less emissions)

And there’s also some key “How’s” to think of:

  • How you choose to travel (flying produces the most emissions)
  • How long your trip is (longer durations = more climate-friendly)
  • How you calculate your carbon impact (every tool gives a different answer)

This page breaks down some of this complex information so you can make informed decisions.

Established Organizations Fighting Climate Change


Cool Effect 

What it does: As featured in National Geographic, Cool Effect discovers, authenticates, and selects the best global carbon reduction projects for you.

Why we love it: When you offset your travel carbon impact by donating money to Cool Effect, over 90% of your donation goes directly to scientifically validated projects.

501(c)3 (Tax deductible in the USA)

Jet-Set Offset


Jet-Set Offset

What it does: Jet-Set Offset helps you automatically donate one cent per mile to environmental non-profits fighting climate change.

Why we love it: Their sleek site is delightfully clean and easy to use. They’re committed to sustainability & transparency (just like us!), and we especially appreciate being able to choose where our donations go.

501(c)3 (Tax deductible in the USA)



What it does: Atmosfair is a German non-profit company that targets transitioning to renewable energy and helping reduce poverty. 

Why we love it: It’s simple to calculate your CO2 flight impact, and donations to offset carbon impact go toward clean energy projects in developing countries that support local communities. Bonus: you can even gift CO2 certificates!

gGmbH (Tax deductible in Germany)

Innovative Startups Fighting Climate Change

Meet the next generation of innovators who are combating climate challenges.


What it does: Klima calculates your carbon impact over your whole life (so it’s not only focused on travel) and helps you completely offset it by suggesting science-backed projects to contribute to.

Why we love it: Although it’s still in beta testing and has a waitlist to join, we love Klima already because it will let you track the impact of your carbon offsets in real-time. Plus, they’ll give you personalized tips for reducing your impact once you’re a member.

GmbH (Not tax deductible)


What it does: With Nori, you can offset Co2 emissions from flights, and you can also offset personal or business carbon emissions. When you donate, you’re actually buying carbon from farmers who have already removed it from the atmosphere.

Why we love it: In this innovative and super transparent model, Nori helps farmers get paid for removing carbon and storing it in their soil. Using blockchain technology, everything is verified and certified from start to finish.

LLC (Not tax deductible)


What it does: vojo is a planning platform for conscientious travelers to get from point A to B with the lowest carbon impact. Think Rome2Rio – but sustainable, and with no flight options.

Why we love it: This inspiring startup wants to be your climate-friendly travel buddy by helping you avoid air travel. Only in Europe for now, we’re hoping they expand globally soon!

Haftungsbeschränkt (Not tax deductible)

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