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Treat this as a directory to help you on your sustainable travel journey.

1. For travelers

Assistance at your finger tips to help you be a responsible tourist.

Sustainability simplified.

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What’s your baseline understanding of the carbon footprint of tourism? 


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2. For tour operators

Maybe you’re already super sustainable, or maybe you’re just getting started. Here are some tools to help you continue to improve.

Keep raising the bar.

Good Tourism Institute

The GTI is ready to support tour operators in their quest to become even more sustainable. 

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B Corp Certification

Obtaining B Corp certification shows you want to use business for good and balance purpose with profit.

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Global Sustainable Tourism Council

The GTSC’s hub for tour operators could inspire new actions for your company.

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3. For everyone

A little extra helpful info for those of you who are really committed!

Keep these links handy.

50+ Sustainable Tourism Terms

Rooted has tons of resources for both travelers and tour operators. We love their handy guide of terms to help us keep all the definitions straight.

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Tourism Data Dashboard

If you love analytics, head to the UN World Tourism Organization’s dashboard covering all kinds of industry metrics. If you need even more research & data, check out their vast e-library.

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Sustainable Travel Report publishes a report collating feedback from over 18K travelers in over 18 different markets. It’s a helpful pulse on trends and preferences.

See the most recent (2019) report

Tourism Facts

1 in 10

Supports 1 in 10 jobs


Contributes 10% to global GDP


Global tourism decline in 2020


Tourism workforce is 54% female

Earthsider Blog

Visit our blog for insightful posts about destinations, experiences, travel tips, and more – all through the lens of sustainability.

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Climate Impact

Resources to help you offset your carbon footprint from traveling.

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Evaluating Partners

Curious how we screen our sustainable tour operators? Check this page out to see our process of inviting companies to join our platform.

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