Evaluating Partners

Leveraging transparency to combat greenwashing

What it means to travel sustainably is inherently complicated, and varies based on location and activity. When we evaluate partners, we account for these nuances. Our approach includes both tour operators and travelers to promote awareness and accountability.

For tour operators

We provide a platform where you can showcase your sustainable actions, with or without certifications. We highlight your progress because we know the road to being fully sustainable is a long one. List with us.

Our method



✍️ Self-Report

Tour operators complete a survey indicating which sustainable actions their company takes. These actions could be general, environmental, social, or economic.



☑️ Evaluate

We review the tour operator’s responses, and video-interview them to gauge their authenticity and commitment to sustainable travel. Contact us if you want more details on this step.


? Invite

If we think the tour operator will add valuable, responsible experiences for travelers, we warmly invite them to join our platform!





? List Trips

For each trip, tour operators indicate the specific sustainable practices being taken. These practices mirror what operators self-report in Step 01, but for individual trips, and are then transparently shown to travelers.


? Survey

We’ll send travelers post-trip surveys to communicate back to us which of the self-reported sustainable actions they saw in practice (hopefully all!). 


Have a comprehensive sustainable travel policy 


Are independent & boutique operators


Donate to social or environmental projects


Are at least 50% women-owned