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speaker banner for Hilary at A World for Travel 2022


Hilary will speak at the A World for Travel conference in Nimes, France on October 27th & 28th, 2022.

Hear her on the panel: “The Problem and the Solution for Carbon Offsetting & Carbon Capture” alongside:
– Luis Bobes, Head of ESG Planning, Amadeus
– Randy Durband, CEO, Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)
– Teodora Marinska, COO, European Travel Commission

She’ll also participate in the final roundtable alongside:
– Kata Cserep, Managing Partner, Aviation & Travel, ICF
– Dr. Erol Mujanovic, Deputy Director, USAID
– Duncan Parker, President, Ethical Good
– Claire Hanney, Managing Director, The Transformational Travel Council

Panels scheduled for October 27th & 28th, 2022

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Print Interview

CIO Views magazine published its list of The 10 Most Dynamic Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022, and it features an interview with our founder, Hilary.

Give it a read to learn more about her aspirations to transform the travel industry, inspirations and challenges she’s faced as an entrepreneur, thoughts on how to balance it all, and her vision for the future of Yugen Earthside.

Published September 20th, 2022



Print Interview

Insights Success magazine published its list of The 10 Most Influential Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022, and it features an interview with our founder, Hilary.

Give it a read to learn more about Yugen Earthside’s mission to make sustainable travel more accessible and our future goals.

Published May 4th, 2022


Panel Moderator

Our founder, Hilary, moderated a panel called “Tourism’s Impact on the Environment” at the A World for Travel forum in Evora, Portugal.

Panelists included: H.E. Dr. Edita Dapo (Minister of Tourism – Bosnia & Herzegovina), Dr. Taleb Rifai (former Secretary-General of the UN World Tourism Organization), H.E. Edmund Bartlett (Minister of Tourism – Jamaica), Beks Ndlovu (CEO of African Bush Camps), and Fabio Casilli (founder – Respire, Le Tourisme de Demain).

Watch the discussion unfold about how tourism can and should protect local environments and preserve biodiversity.

Length: 46 min.

Published Sep. 21st, 2021



 Clément Guillou wrote an article for Le Monde – the largest daily French newspaper – called “Face au changement climatique, le tourism fait son introspection et évite l’action*.”

(*Faced with climate change, tourism is introspective and avoids action.)

Read (lisez) in French, or use a translator, to see Hilary’s comments on the action she wants to see in the industry.

Published Sep. 21st, 2021



Mike Cahill wrote a Redfin blog post about “11 Ways to Start Living Sustainably at Home.”

Yugen Earthside is quoted for giving advice on how to shift homes to be “zero-waste” – starting with items you find in your bathroom.

Bonus: Going zero-waste for toiletries and other bathroom essentials means you can pack those up to be a zero-waste traveler, too!

Published Aug. 24th, 2021


Print Interview

Christina Beckmann is the co-founder of Tomorrow’s Air, a carbon removal company officially launched by the ATTA.

She interviewed Hilary for ATTA’s News section and they discussed her “Perspectives from a Former Techie Entering Sustainable Travel.”

Read it to hear about how Amazon, TikTok, and Semester at Sea have all influenced Yugen Earthside.

Published Aug. 17th, 2021



Stephen Bailey hosts Hilary to discuss “Practical Sustainable Travel Tips”.

Listen to learn some easy ways you can be a more sustainable traveler. You’ll also hear about zero-dollar tourism, sustainable packing, harmful travel mistakes, and how sustainable travel does not need to be expensive.

Length: 26 min.

Published Jul. 8th, 2021



Nadi Marketing, run by Erika Rodriguez, is an eco-conscious marketing agency.

Hilary led a workshop for their network of ‘ecopreneurs’ called “Sustainable Tourism: What it is, why it’s complicated, & how you can travel better.” No matter where you are on your sustainable travel journey, you’ll find some helpful tidbits in this session.

Length: 51 min.

Published Jul. 8th, 2021


Instagram Live

Sovannary Fun from Sikheo Home – a company for eco-friendly urbanites –  hosted this IG Live.

She and Hilary discussed how easy and fun it can be to plan a sustainable trip, shared some travel stories, and provided helpful sustainable travel tips. 

Length: 38 min.

Published Jun. 19th, 2021


Print Interview

The Societies & Organizations Institute within HEC Paris focuses on promoting sustainability in business.

This interview with Hilary covers her motivation, the impact she’s making, difficulties faced, and contributions to a more inclusive economy. It also dives into how HEC Paris helped shape her journey, and what advice she’d give to others looking to make a difference.

Published Jun. 9th, 2021


Print Interview

Business Because is an online resource filled with news, advice, and inspiration for prospective MBA & Masters students.

They interviewed our founder, Hilary, about leaving her corporate 9-5 job at Amazon to launch a sustainability startup following her MBA at HEC Paris. 

Published May 26th, 2021


Instagram Live

Emma Darlington from the “A Travel Minded” podcast hosted this IG Live.

She and Hilary chatted about the importance of sustainable travel and the work that Yugen Earthside is doing.

Length: 23 min.

Published May 14th, 2021


Company Feature

hidden lemur company feature

Hidden Lemur is a sustainable travel website that aims to give travelers better access to ethical travel experiences.

They featured Yūgen Earthside in their article “Green Tours: A Responsible Travelers’ Guide” alongside other incredible companies such as Intrepid Travel and G Adventures.

Published May 5th, 2021


Live Interview

a wandering web interview

Charlotte interviews Hilary for her series “A Case for Travel Tuesdays.”

They talk about launching Yūgen Earthside during the pandemic, the future of trips post covid, what tour operators can do to be more sustainable, Impact Projects, and more. Length: 22 min.

Published Apr. 6th, 2021


Print Interview

Travel Massive interview

Travel Massive is a global community of more than 60k travel industry founders, leaders, and creators.

Hilary was interviewed about how she got into the tourism industry, how the idea for Yūgen Earthside was born, how tourism companies can become more sustainable, and more.

Published Mar. 3rd, 2021


Live Interview

Media & Press - La Heroica logo. La Heroica interviewed Hilary about sustainable tourism.

La Heroica is an Argentinian initiative that promotes sustainable tourism by sharing best practices from folks around the world.

Luisa, La Heroica’s founder, interviewed Hilary about what sustainable tourism is and how we can motivate people to be better travelers. Length: 2.5 min.

Published Feb. 23rd, 2021



Media & Press - Take Me With You podcast logo. TMWY featured Hilary on a podcast about sustainable tourism.

Ryan & Cheryl, hosts of the TMWY podcast, invite Hilary onto their show, and they have a blast talking all things travel!

They discuss Hilary’s move from Seattle to Paris, what sustainable travel is all about, and give some travel advice. Length: 1.5 hrs.

Published Jan. 25th, 2021


Print Interview

Media & Press - Honne Magazine logo. Honne interviewed Hilary about sustainable tourism and her journey as an entrepreneur.

Our founder, Hilary, was interviewed by Honne Magazine, a bilingual (French/English), online magazine.

She discusses starting Yūgen Earthside during a pandemic, juggling entrepreneurship with school, and overcoming challenges.

Published Jan. 2nd, 2021


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