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Travel Massive – a global community of more than 60k travel industry founders, leaders, and creators – interviewed Hilary about how she got into the tourism industry, how the idea for Yūgen Earthside was born, how tourism companies can become more sustainable, and more.

Published Mar. 3rd, 2021



Media & Press - Honne Magazine logo. Honne interviewed Hilary about sustainable tourism and her journey as an entrepreneur.

Our founder, Hilary, was interviewed by Honne Magazine, a bilingual (French/English), online magazine.

She discusses starting Yūgen Earthside during a pandemic, juggling entrepreneurship with school, and overcoming challenges.

Published Jan. 2nd, 2021



Media & Press - Take Me With You podcast logo. TMWY featured Hilary on a podcast about sustainable tourism.

Ryan & Cheryl, hosts of the TMWY podcast, invite Hilary onto their show, and they have a blast talking all things travel!

They discuss Hilary’s move from Seattle to Paris, what sustainable travel is all about, and give some travel advice. Length: 1.5 hrs.

Episode aired Jan. 25th, 2021



Media & Press - La Heroica logo. La Heroica interviewed Hilary about sustainable tourism.

La Heroica is an Argentinian initiative that promotes sustainable tourism by sharing best practices from folks around the world.

Luisa, La Heroica’s founder, interviewed Hilary about what sustainable tourism is and how we can motivate people to be better travelers. Length: 2.5 min.

Published Feb. 23rd, 2021


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