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[16 days] Wander to Georgia and Armenia Georgia & Armenia

  • Trip Type: Small-Group (Guided)
  • Group Size: Up to 10
  • Departure Date: Single Fixed Date
  • Trip Start: 6 Aug, 2021
  • Trip End: 21 Aug, 2021
  • Duration: Extended (10+ days)
  • Physical Rating: Average

Ancient tradition and unbeatable hospitality in a beautiful part of the world so unfamiliar, even to the experienced traveler.

Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, these two countries make for a rich and thrilling adventure. From the kindness of its people to excellent food and wine, from dramatic landscapes and UNESCO heritage sites to time-tested cultures and fascinating history, it won’t be long before Georgia and Armenia are on the bigger travel radar. This tour takes you to a long list of stunning, intriguing sights, while also spending time with the local people that call these countries home. We will visit two monasteries, a cathedral, a cemetery, as well as churches and museums as we wander through four cities in Armenia (Yerevan, Areni, Goris, and Dilijan) followed by four cities in Georgia (Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Gori, Kutaisi). If you want to go beyond the main trail for a deeper understanding of these destinations, and to have such a fun time doing so… let’s go to Georgia and Armenia!

  • History, medieval villages, monasteries
  • Nature, mountains, caves, wine tasting
  • Local activities, meeting locals, excellent food

🌤️ Seasonal Notes: This trip takes place in the shoulder season for Armenia, and the high season for Georgia.

📋 Itinerary

This itinerary is subject to change slightly as we go based on the interests of the group. It also includes free time for you to explore. Download detailed itinerary to read more.

August 6th: Yerevan [Armenia] (arrival day)
August 7th-8th: Yerevan
August 9th: Areni / Goris
August 10th: Goris
August 11th-12th: Dilijan
August 13th: Tbilisi [Georgia]
August 14th: Mtskheta / Tbilisi
August 15th: Gori
August 16th-18th: Kutaisi
August 19th-20th: Tbilisi
August 21st: Tbilisi (departure day)

🌱 Sustainability

🌱 This tour visits locally-run, highly vetted organizations and businesses. Guests have a unique opportunity to learn from and interact with local people who are not involved with mass tourism. We use only sustainable products on our tours, and our company provides donations, both financial and material, to the organizations we visit around the world.

🚗 Even though we are visiting two countries, we will not be taking a flight to travel. For this reason, please expect some long (up to 8 hours) - but beautifully scenic - drives.

🍴 This trip focuses on eating local, and most times this means that there are vegetarian and/or vegan options.

🏨 Please note that it can be challenging to find accommodations that adhere to strict sustainability guidelines in these destinations, but we do our best to seek such accommodations out.

  • Clear sustainable travel policy
  • Social / Environmental Impact
  • Tourism Dispersal
  • Behavioral Awareness Education
  • Small Group Travel
  • Listen to Community Feedback
  • Use Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Green Transportation
  • No In-Destination Flights
  • Focused on Minimizing Waste
  • Responsible Waste Management
  • Support Suppliers Managing Waste Properly
  • Provide Local Employment
  • Fair Wages / Fair Trade
  • Ensures Good Working Conditions
  • Supports Local Businesses
  • Tours Benefit Local Community
  • Connect Travelers to Local Products
  • Engage with Local Communities
  • Stay with Local Communities
  • Act Mindfully of Local Health
  • Inclusive & Non-discriminatory Hiring
  • Provide Authentic Experiences

📌 Location

Use the Google map to orient yourself about where in the world this trip is. The location indicates the starting point for this trip.

A specific route map is included in the downloadable detailed itinerary.

🏷️ Pricing

🏷️ The tour cost of $2445 USD is per person, in a twin-share room (solo travelers will be paired together in a room with two beds).
🏷️ There is a $650 USD surcharge per person for a single room (there are 5 single rooms available on this trip).
🏷️ Prices exclude flights to/from the destination.
🏷️ See the full list of price inclusions and exclusions in the downloadable detailed itinerary.

  • Deposit per person

    Refundable (see Cancellation Policy)

    $ 500
  • Tour

    Price per person, in a twin-share room (excl. flights)

    $ 2445
  • Single Room Supplement

    Private room for 1 person

    $ 650

ℹ️ Other Info

📧 If you're ready to book this trip, or if you still have some questions, contact us to let us know!

💯 Book with confidence: To reserve your spot on a tour, a $500 deposit will be required. However, you can book with complete peace of mind as this deposit will be 100% refundable until 3 months prior to the trip start date.

📅 This trip occurs in Summer 2021. We're hopeful it will be safe to travel by then.

⚕️ Be sure you have traveler's insurance.

😷 If you choose to travel before a vaccine is widely available, be sure to get a negative test result prior to arriving. You should also have both a mask and hand sanitizer with you at all times.

💭 Q: What does the Physical Rating of "Average" mean?
A: While the tour itself is not very strenuous, please note that it can involve the following: somewhat long days, a good amount of walking, being in the sun in potentially hot temperatures, long journeys, early morning wake-ups and other similar scenarios.

💭 Q: What will the accommodations be like?
A: During this tour, we will use a combination of comfortable 3* hotels and guesthouse and you can always expect comfortable accommodation with private bathrooms on this trip. Prices are based on twin-share rooms. There is a limited number of single rooms available for this trip at an extra charge. If you book as a couple, you'll be put in a shared room together in a double bed wherever possible.

💭 Q: What about the recent conflict in Armenia?
A: Our current itinerary doesn't come close to the affected region, but we will monitor the situation and adjust our itinerary if needed.

⌛ Duration: 16 days
🍴 Meals: See full list of price inclusions & exclusions.