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[14 days] Self Driving Experience in the Equator Land Quito, Ecuador

  • Trip Type: Self-Guided
  • Group Size: Up to 6
  • Departure Date: Flexible
  • Bookable From: Year Round
  • Duration: Extended (10+ days)
  • Physical Rating: Easy

This Ecuador road trip combines the beauty and magic of Ecuador’s “4 worlds” into a 14-day adventure. Discover the marvelous diversity of Ecuador at your own pace as you get the final say in where to stop and what you choose to visit.

We provide you with a vehicle including unlimited miles/km, a GPS device, and a Partial Damage Waiver (PWD) so that your journey runs smoothly.


• Historic District guided tour of Quito
• Otavalo and surroundings: experiences with local communities
• Amazon Rainforest and activities in nature
• Baños thermal spring and waterfalls avenue
• Chimborazo volcano and natural reserve, Palmira Desert, and Guamote Village
• Cuenca and its surrounding valleys: workshops and handicraft villages
• The Spondylus Route along the Pacific Coast

This program has been designed to provide you with a suggested itinerary and a list of attractions at each travel stage. We take care of your accommodation in charming hotels or haciendas including daily breakfast and taxes. Our operations department will track your route 24/7, ensuring a unique and safe experience and your GPS will include the location of your hotels as well as the visitor sites, attractions, and important places to consider during your daily exploration.

Our suggested journey is filled with marvelous landscapes, fabulous attractions, natural diversity, and encounters with local hosts who will be sharing their ancient traditions and knowledge. You will have the chance to explore fertile and colorful valleys and taste delicious food.  After your road trip, you will leave Ecuador with great memories in your heart.

Seasonal Notes: Ecuador has spring-like weather all year long. In the Andes, the temperatures range from 50ºF to 64ºF (10ºC to 18ºC). In the Amazon rainforest region and along the Pacific coast, the average temperature varies from 72ºF to 86ºF (22ºC to 30ºC). However, the best months to travel are June, July, August, and September. October to May is the rainy or cold season in the Andes and the warmest and most humid season in the other regions.

📋 Itinerary

This itinerary is customizable. Contact Yūgen Earthside for more information.

Day 1: Quito [Ecuador] (arrival day)
Day 2: Quito: Historic District Tour
Day 3: Quito: Rent a Car Office / Route to the Northern Andes
Day 4: Otavalo region
Day 5-6: Otavalo - Amazon Rainforest explorations
Day 7: Amazon Rainforest- Baños thermal springs village
Day 8: Baños - Riobamba and Chimborazo volcano
Day 9: Riobamba - Ingapirca archeological complex - Cuenca
Day 10: Cuenca - historic district and artisanal surroundings
Day 11: Cuenca - Pacific Lowlands and Cacao Farm
Day 12: Guayaquil - Spondylus Route: Machalilla Park - Los Frailes Beach
Day 13: Puerto Lopez - Guayaquil
Day 14: Guayaquil (departure day)

🌱 Sustainability

We have created a responsible and conscious tourism model that allows conservation and retribution to the local communities that lend us their environments and share their ancestral knowledge. Our journeys are true generators of wealth and transformation for visitors and local communities.

↔️ Tourism dispersal: This trip takes travelers off the beaten path and avoids tourist "hot spots". We include visits to non-traditional destinations and visits to local communities. Visitors have the chance to experience the daily life supporting their activities, share moments and exchange stories, traditions, and legends with locals.

We support local communities and tourism brings additional income. The community has accepted tourism activities as a way to better value their history and be proud of it and continue transmitting their knowledge to future generations.

We discuss with travelers how to act responsibly in this destination, and why it's important to do so.

We strongly suggest that clients reduce their usage of single-use plastics.

Accommodations are small and locally run. We include family-run accommodations and places with local hosts. Many have implemented sustainable practices such as using eco-friendly cleaning products, energy-saving lights, and water-flow reducers. We try to stay at each lodging for at least two nights to promote 'slow travel'.

  • Clear sustainable travel policy
  • Adhere to Strict Environmental Standards
  • Conserve Ecosystems/Preserve Biodiversity
  • No In-Destination Flights
  • Local/Organic Food Served
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
  • Energy-Saving Lights
  • Use Water Flow Reducers
  • Provide Local Employment
  • Fair Wages / Fair Trade
  • Supports Local Businesses
  • Tours Benefit Local Community
  • Connect Travelers to Local Products
  • Engage with Local Communities
  • Stay with Local Communities
  • Act Mindfully of Local Health
  • Inclusive & Non-discriminatory Hiring
  • Provide Authentic Experiences

📌 Location

Use the Google map to orient yourself about where in the world this trip is. The location indicates the starting point for this trip.

A specific route map is included in the downloadable detailed itinerary.

🏷️ Pricing

Prices exclude flights to/from the destination.
See the full list of price inclusions and exclusions in the downloadable detailed itinerary.

  • Deposit per person

    30% of trip price

  • Price per person, double room occupancy

    Minimum of 2 travelers

    $ 2995
  • Single room supplement

    Private room for 1 person

    $ 582
  • Dinner package

    Price per person

    $ 295

ℹ️ Other Info

If you're ready to book this trip or have any questions, contact us!

To reserve your spot on a tour, a 30% deposit will be required. The total balance is due 45 days prior to arrival.

  • 61 days prior to arrival, no cancellation fees will be charged, except 3% as administrative fees.
  • 60 days - 45 days prior to arrival, 50% of the total amount will be charged.
  • 44 days - 31 days prior to arrival, 75% of the total amount will be charged.
  • 30 days prior to arrival 100% will be charged.

This trip has a variable start date, so you can plan a departure date for when it is safe to travel. It's also a self-guided tour, meaning you will only be traveling with those you book the trip with.

Be sure you have traveler's insurance.

Please be fully vaccinated and boosted before traveling. You may also need proof of a negative Covid test before arrival to the country. Keep a mask and hand sanitizer with you at all times.

Special precautions for guests:

This tour complies with the bio-security protocols of the Safe Travels Stamp by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

For Clients
• A health form will be required from each passenger. This Form must include details as special requirements, pathologies and pre-existing health conditions, risks, and symptoms.
• Guest health checks and testing upon arrival and before traveling to the Galapagos Islands, as per the local legislation.
• Protective masks will be available to clients for different activities.
• Limited physical contact and queuing where possible.
• We suggest travelers pack their own snorkeling equipment and wetsuits if possible. Very strict sanitation protocols will be in place for any additional gear like: bikes, kayaks, paddles, surf tables, wetsuits, etc.
• We ensure that approved disinfecting products made available at sanitation stations to guests in the form of alcohol-based hand sanitizer as appropriate. We also provide or make available for purchase additional individual disinfecting products for guests if possible.

In Transport Units
• Disinfection of vehicles before and after each service.
• Use of gel inside the units.
• Drivers will wear a mask at all times.
• You will travel with all windows open.
• Each transport unit will be limited to 50% capacity. Only the guide can be located next to the driver.
• Allocated seating plans with no rotation.
• Implement seat spacing as required by local legislation.
• Alcohol and/or hand sanitizer will be permanently available.
• Bins with liner bags and regular disposal.

With Partners and Suppliers: Hotels, Restaurants, etc.
• Virtual check-in as well as the issuance of electronic documents and contactless or pre-payment methods.
• The restaurant menu will be placed on visible boards or in web applications.
• Our staff will coordinate the schedules for services in restaurants.
• Social distancing and the use of biosecurity tools for hotel/restaurant staff will be verified.
• All briefing areas will be disinfected before and after each meeting.
• Scheduled timing when possible of access to museums, hotels, galleries, etc.
• Our partners and suppliers follow like-minded health, sanitation, disinfection, and hygiene protocols aligned with local regulation: social distancing, minimizing contact, and minimizing what is placed on guest tables.
• Our partner restaurants follow like-minded health, sanitation, disinfection and hygiene, and food safety protocols to protect guests. They also have trained staff who will adhere to health and hygiene guidelines.
• Make available at all times approved disinfecting products such as alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
• Avoid guests' own handling of food at buffets.

Q: What does the Physical Rating of "Easy" mean?
Since this is a self-driving experience, the places, length of visits, and activities are decided by the traveler.

Q: What are the accommodations like?
We will stay at 3-star hotels and with local hosts.

Q: Is this trip recommended for solo travelers, women, LGBTQ+, and POC travelers?
Yes. Ecuador is a very welcoming country. Our tour company uses safe and inclusive accommodation providers and our operations team tracks our guests daily to ensure their trip is running smoothly. Our programs are open to all people no matter their religion, skin color, or beliefs, having mutual respect as a priority.

Q: What kind of documents do I need to drive in Ecuador?
It is required to have a valid driving license.

Q: Is any drivers' insurance included in the package?
Yes, the program includes a Partial Damage Waiver (PDW). In joint participation, the customer is exempted from paying part of the financial responsibility that applies in case of damage or loss of the vehicle, because of a claim, provided that the terms and conditions of the lease have been complied with.