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How to find your perfect trip

Groups: Groups of friends and families are encouraged to discover our self-guided and privately-guided trips.

Solo Travelers & Couples: Check out our small-group, fixed-departure tours to join like-minded travelers.

All Travelers: Let us help you!

Take advantage of our free travel consultation to:

  • Choose amongst our itineraries
  • Customize a private trip
  • Receive help with travel planning, research, or advisory
  • Discuss a specific trip you have in mind (tell us about it here first)

We’re here to make sustainable travel easy!

Why book through us

Yugen Earthside is a sustainable travel booking platform and agency: we connect mindful travelers to responsible trips expertly designed and run by our local partners. 

Here’s why clients love booking through us.


Have an amazing experience

You’ll get the trip you’ve been dreaming of, and it will be through a local partner with sustainability at the core of their operations.

Read testimonials or our Google reviews to hear first-hand from our travelers!


Save time finding a responsible trip

Planning the perfect trip is a lot of work, even without spending time to thoroughly research and ensure it’s responsible.

Choose from our expertly crafted itineraries, customize them if you like, and feel great about your trip without getting bogged down in the details.


Enjoy a personalized approach

We are a curated platform that connects you to responsible trips designed by our boutique providers, and we do so with a personal touch. 

You will feel like you’re speaking with a human – who truly cares about your trip and the planet – every step of the way.


Receive comprehensive sustainability guidance

Sustainable travel is not only about the trip. It’s also about being properly insured, giving back to the environment through carbon removals or offsets, packing with zero-waste and plastic-free products, and more.

We help with all of that.


Easily take climate action

Yugen Earthside automatically contributes $10 (10kg of CO2) per traveler who books with us towards carbon capture through Tomorrow’s Air

We also make it as easy as a click of a button for travelers to add on carbon offsets through Sustainable Travel International – just check the box during checkout!


Get expert advice

By staying on top of the latest industry trends, reports, and articles, we’ll be able to answer any travel questions you may have.


Travel in line with your values

We’re the opposite of mass tourism.

  • Yugen Earthside is a carbon-neutral company, and we donate 1+% of our gross profit to tourism development projects.
  • Our tour operator partners are committed to sustainability. Most also give back to the environment or local communities.
  • We are collectively focused on helping small groups travel purposefully.

By booking through YE and our network of partners, you are supporting the long-term, sustainable growth of tourism via companies that care about more than just profit.


Relax with our seamless group booking system

We process credit card payments and ACH bank transfers securely through Stripe. A deposit will confirm your trip, and we accept installment payments for the rest.

On the booking page, you’ll be able to see which group members have joined the trip, keeping everyone on the same page and making group bookings seamlessly easy.


Discover one of our many trips and choose which one is best for you.

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