Booking With Us

The how-to and why

The how-to

We’re thrilled to have you here as one of our first customers. Like many early-stage startups, we’re still working out a few kinks. Please bear with us and remember:

  • Contact us directly to book a trip.
  • We can only share the name of the tour operator once you request to book a trip.

Thanks for being an early adopter!


Send us a message to either request booking the trip (securing your spot) or simply to ask a question.

No payment is required at this stage!


Our experts are here to speak with you via email or phone.

We can answer questions about the trip, the tour operator, and the sustainability practices. We can also suggest similar trips.


Once you’re fully ready to book the trip, we will personally connect you to the sustainable tour operator.

You will securely pay the tour operator directly.

Why book with us


🌱 All our trips are responsible

Researching the perfect trip is a lot of work! We make it easier for you to feel good about traveling sustainably without getting bogged down in the details.


🌍 Support boutique tour operators

All the companies we work with have 20 employees or less. Supporting small businesses is a great way to help spread out the benefit of tourism revenue.


💝 Make an impact

We’ll donate part of our profits to tourism development projects. Booking through us therefore means supporting the long-term, sustainable growth of tourism.