Travel Insurance

Traveling is fun, but you still need to be covered!

Now, more than ever, we encourage all travelers to be covered before they set off on their next adventure, whether locally or internationally.

Yūgen Earthside does not sell travel insurance.

What can travel insurance help with?

  • COVID-related disturbances, including trip cancellations
  • General protection from a change in plans
  • An injury or death
  • Loss or theft of luggage
  • Personal liability
  • …and more

While we strongly advise you to have travel insurance, we require our tour operators and destination management companies to have business liability insurance. However, their insurance will not cover you as an individual traveler.

Yūgen Earthside currently does not sell travel insurance, but if you have any questions about this you are more than welcome to contact us.


Insurance does not have to be expensive, and you may already be covered.

For example, if you pay for your trip with a credit card that comes with great travel coverage and benefits, you might already have travel insurance.

Insurance in the time of COVID

Many companies no longer see COVID as an “extenuating circumstance” so be very careful with your trip planning.

Please double check that whichever travel insurance you have covers for COVID-related issues. Some insurance companies are changing, or have recently changed, their policies to reduce their coverage for COVID mishaps. Other companies completely paused selling travel insurance in light of the pandemic. Still, other companies have coverage that varies based on your departure and arrival destinations, and their respective COVID situations.

COVID-19 Coverage Tips

Some insurance companies are coming out with specific COVID travel plans, sometimes called “COVID-19 Coverage”, which could be a good option to supplement existing travel insurance you may already have.

Be aware that COVID coverage may only suffice for trip cancellations or delays, or medical treatment should you get sick. Be sure to clearly understand the specific terms of your plan before purchasing.


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